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There’s profit in upgrades

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Almost every sign is a custom-made solution to a client’s problem. As a result, there is almost always an opportunity to offer the client a step up that will make their sign more appealing—and increase your bottom line without much effort.
The upgrades I’m talking about here are not a matter of going from a basic design to an intermediate or complex version. I mean one or two enhancements that you can add without much effort or cost to the sign they’ve already chosen.
Once you start looking for potential upgrades, you’ll find plenty. I’ve found a few images in our files here at SignCraft for you to see, and here’s a list to help get you started:

Cut the panel to shape: In a world where almost every sign is a rectangle, simply cutting the panel to an interesting shape can draw more eyes to it.

Dave Correll, Brushwork Signs, Faribault, MN

Upgrade the film: It’s another way to help them set their sign apart from the crowd. Reflective film will increase nighttime visibility. 22K RealGold [] gold leaf film will give them the brilliance of real gold leaf and 10-year durability.

22k Large Engine Turn gold leaf film: Rich Dombey, Rich Designs LLC, Hillsborough, NJ

Cover the posts: Two 4-by-4s will hold a sign up, but adding attractive pole covers can dramatically boost a sign’s appeal.

Upgraded posts: Duncan Wilkie, ComSign, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Improve the bracket: Rather than a generic bracket, offer a more appealing scroll bracket like the ones found at the Sign Bracket Store [] or MetalCraft Industries [].

Decorative caps and a background panel: Duncan Wilkie, ComSign, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Add dimension: 
It doesn’t have to be a fully 3D sign, but adding an appliqué or a cut-out graphic can make a big difference on an otherwise flat sign.

Enhance the mounting: Instead of screwing the sign to the wall, offer invisible hangers like the Panelclip []. Or, mount it on standoffs with decorative caps like Metomic’s Caps & Standoff systems [].  


Panelclip hangers: Chris Lovelady, Vital Signs LLC, Tallahassee, FL



You get the picture. Look for things that add appeal (and markup!) with minimal cost. Don’t give away the upgrade—you deserve to be paid for your knowledge of how to make a sign better attract the viewer’s attention. 

Selling upgrades is a state of mind. Once the client has decided to buy, it’s often just a matter of saying, “This is going to look great, but I know how you can get some extra bang for just a few dollars more….” People are used to getting the opportunity to add an option or an enhancement on almost everything they buy.

Back to the bottom line. Suppose you sell $100,000 worth of signs in a given time, and are happy with the resulting profits. Now suppose that you were able to sell an upgrade that added 15% to the selling price on about half those signs. You could easily put over $5,000 in additional profit in your pocket.





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