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Monday, January 27, 2014

One of the biggest challenges of the sign business is pricing your work accurately. We’re not selling something we can grab off the shelf, mark up and sell. Almost every sign is a custom product. (If Al decides he doesn’t want the sign you made once it’s finished, you can’t exactly sell it to someone else—it’s not likely that a different “Al’s Tire & Wheel” will show up looking for a sign, right?)

When you have to price a yard sign one minute and a storefront sign or van wrap the next, it can be easy to make a mistake. Or maybe you haven’t had to price a boat for a few months, and you need to come up with a number in a hurry. That’s when the Sign Pricing Guide can really help.

The guide covers scores of everyday sign projects on overlaid plywood, ACM, corrugated plastic and PVC board, banners, truck, van, trailer and boat lettering, digital printing, 3D signs, windows and more. 

Every job is priced on three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Complex. A sign with borders and multiple colors eats up more production time than a one-color knock out.

Best of all, you get to choose a pricing level that works for your overhead level and your market. Every job is priced on four color-coded levels.

 So let’s take a 3-by-4-ft. banner like this one as an example. It’s one color on white, and we’ll figure it as 12 square feet on a 13-oz. premade banner blank.

It has quite a bit of copy and a couple of reverse panels, so we’ll use the Intermediate level even though it’s only one color:

 Yellow level ($50 per hour shop rate): $127

Green level ($71 per hour shop rate): $163

Blue level ($92 per hour shop rate): $203

Pink level ($110 per hour shop rate): $239

Not sure what your hourly shop rate should be? No problem. It’s the key to successful pricing, and the worksheet in the Sign Pricing Guide or our online tool makes it easy to determine.

You deserve to price your work accurately and fairly so that you earn the profits you deserve for the risks you take of being in business. The 2014 Sign Pricing Guide can help you do that. Subscribe to SignCraft and get your 2014 Sign Pricing Guide today. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed or you’ll get a full refund.



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