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CNC Router setup

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Matt   Schwartz

15 Feb 2013, 02:31

Hi, I work for a company called Design Craft Signs, we've been in the sign business for 37 years and are looking to get into a CNC router and have been looking into the following setups:

EZ Router

Shop Sabre



All of the above seem to be quite similar in construction, quality and performance and in our budget. 

It would mostly be used for cutting individual letters from 4" to 36" tall, out of gator or sign foam or plex, routing backgrounds on sign foam or cedar signs from 12" x 24" up to 4' x 8'--is a vacuum table and pump needed?

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Also, feel free to email me at




Bruce  Tainter

15 Jan 2015, 01:49

     All the machines you listed are good machines. Things to look for and to consider is the travel height and distance of the table. I noticed on some 4x4 and 4x8 tables the travel and height distance were different and some came up short. Parts is another thing, I was really interested in a machine that I wanted to purchase though it was on the West Coast and shipping charges were high and parts were hard to get. Spindle or Router both are great though power source maybe an issue. I run mine on 220 and every thing runs fine till I turn on the blowers and the fuse blows. Then its a real project finishing up a job where it stopped. 

     Next is the most important and hardest to figure out is software and the compatibility with different machines, tools and uploading designs to the software. You really have to do your home work here. Look for software company that will upgrade your software at a reasonable price. 

Good Luck,


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