Step-by-step: Complex sign with a tight deadline

This project contains a mixture of basic skills and tools, along with a little help from another sign company and some of today’s... Read More

Overcoming the “I Don’t Need a Logo” syndrome

One of the changes I’ve seen in my business as I’ve transitioned from a sign company to a full service graphic design agency... Read More

What’s it cost to make this 24-sq.-ft. sign?

Materials (excluding markup) 4-by-8-ft-by-3⁄4-in. overlaid plywood: $80 Five foam roller covers: $5 Edge sealer: $2 Latex paint for back: $8 Block-out primer: $15... Read More

Design & Price: Graphics for an enclosed trailer

In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We asked them to do a sketch of the sign they... Read More

Step-by-step: Restore a wood sign

Sooner or later, it’s necessary to refinish a quality-built wood sign—to sand and repaint it. Other cases call for more extensive woodwork and... Read More

Are you listening to your clients?

Skillfully dealing with clients is arguably the toughest, yet most important, ability a working artist can develop. It could mean the difference between... Read More

What’s it cost to produce this 30-by-90-in. dimensional sign?

Materials 2-by-5-ft.-by-3⁄8-in. PVC board: $ 57 3-by-8-ft.-by-1⁄2-in. pre-finished overlaid plywood: $ 61 2-by-8-ft.-by-3⁄4-in. overlaid plywood for frame: $ 53 12-ft. 3M VHB Tape:... Read More

Building great-looking, durable posts

The most common structural member for sign mountings is a post. And perhaps the most common sign use is a 4-by-8-ft. overlaid plywood... Read More

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6 ways to ramp up your sign designs

So you’ve got a few sign design projects waiting for you, and you’re looking for fresh ways to make them interesting and appealing.... Read More

Finishing HDU board

We have been using acrylic latex water-based paints for all of our HDU signs for about the past 20 years. We use a... Read More

Start with a survey of the site

Most of those passing by a sign today are so distracted by things both moving and still that it leaves little time for... Read More

Modifying a customer’s logo for their signage

When a graphic designer produces a logo, there is often little thought given to how it will work on sign formats. But that... Read More

Learn the basics of the San Jose approach to sign layout

The most profitable skill a sign maker can possess is to be able to create effective, appealing layouts—quickly. That’s where understanding the principles... Read More

Back in the day: Lawrence Frey

“When I was first featured in SignCraft,” says Ray Sauder [Raynbow Signs, Palmerton, Ontario, Canada], “I mentioned the signpainter who dug an old... Read More

Follow-up: The Dobell Brothers

Shop Name: Dobell Sign Co. Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Ages: Chris is 48, Stu is 43. Online: Instagram: @dobellsignco Facebook: dobellsignco... Read More

A door to opportunity

In our book, a sign is anything that draws attention to our customer’s business, products or service. An obvious place to start is... Read More

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