Is the lettering big enough?

Not all the lettering, mind you. But is the first and most important message getting the size (and contrast) it deserves? It’s the... Read More

Making a new old sign

One of the very cool things that a sign maker can do is to create a new sign that looks 50 years old—weathered... Read More

Put the background to work

One of the things that can create visual interest and draw that critical “second look” that gets the sign’s message read is to... Read More

6 ways to get control of your business

There have been a lot of great articles in SignCraft over the years—helpful pointers on design, color, techniques and more. Many veteran sign... Read More

Storm: Dan Seese, Dan Seese Studios, Inc., Fort Collins, Colorado

6 easy ways to set your layouts apart

It should be easy to make signs that stand out from the crowd, right? Not really. All sorts of things get in the... Read More

6 ways to add life to lettering

Sign makers have long been using special effects to make letters on flat signs more intriguing. Years ago it was common to add... Read More

5 steps to more effective truck lettering

When it comes to sign design, vehicles are much more of a challenge since they must be read while they’re moving—and often by... Read More

8 secrets to highly readable signs

What’s it take to produce signs that are highly legible? Sign designers like Braun Bleamer of Jet Signs know. They also know that... Read More

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Doyle Rogers

Bridgman, Michigan

Taking advantage of the power of 3D

CNC routers make it easy to sell upgraded versions of a design

The San Jose Style: The Bay Area approach to sign design

How a handful of signpainters developed a powerfully effective approach to sign layout

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Brad Johnson

Corvallis, Oregon

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