In 1980, we published the first issue of SignCraft Magazine from our commercial sign shop, laying out the pages on the same drawing table we used for sign sketches and proposals. Our plan was to create a way to share ideas and information that would make signmaking easier, more creative and more profitable. Computers were not yet involved in sign making, so the focus was on hand painted, sandblasted, carved and cutout signs and lettering.

In the years that followed computers changed the sign industry (along with the rest of the world!) Our coverage gradually expanded to include cut vinyl, digital prints and CNC routed signage.

Nonetheless, SignCraft’s intention has remained the same: To give those who make signs the information, ideas and inspiration that helps make their signs more effective, their work easier and their business more profitable.

The November/December 2020 issue marked the final print edition of SignCraft Magazine after 235 consecutive issues—more than 5000 articles and over 20,000 idea-packed photos. Our articles are now delivered online to our members.

Join today:

You’ll get ideas and information you can’t find anywhere else. Over the past year, SignCraft readers received over 100 articles, over 150 time-saving tips and shortcuts and nearly 1000 inspiring photos.

You’ll be in touch with shop owners who understand the work you do. You’ll visit their shops and watch videos of techniques and time-saving shortcuts.

You’ll can use the online Sign Pricing Guide pricing calculator–where you can price everyday sign work in just three clicks, with pricing based on the overhead level that fits your shop.

You’ll have full access to SignQuote Pro app, a web app that lets you price even more types of signs with even more flexibility of substrates and shop rates

Join today and find out why thousands of sign professionals around the world depend on SignCraft to make their signs and their businesses more successful!

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US Mail:  SignCraft, PO Box 60031, Fort Myers, FL 33906.

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