What’s it cost to produce this fascia sign?

A funky sign can wake up a traditional building

By Gary Johnson

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2013

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My website developer, Ridge Marketing (www.ridgemarketing.com), purchased a building just steps away from my own. When the owner, Rob Quincy, approached me for a sign I was hoping he would be open to something other than off-the-shelf plastic letters. His building looks like a small barn—a structure that did not scream the kind of cutting-edge design that Ridge Marketing normally produces. So I suggested his sign should be over-the-top to compensate.

I felt metal was the way to go, so I sent him photos of some edgy-looking metal signs. Rob really took to the rusted examples. He felt the rusted look bridged the gap between the rustic look of the barn and the modern look of the sign with its curve and almost neon-green logo.

By coincidence, I had just returned from the 2013 Indiana Sign Workshop hosted by Rob Jones. One of the instructors was Peter Poanessa of Keene Signworx, New Hampshire. If you are familiar with Peter’s work, you know he incorporates a lot of curves into his designs and sometimes uses rust as a background texture, so I have to give some credit to him for the inspiration.

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