Flat signs can deliver a dimensional look

When budget limitations put a 3D sign out of reach, have a Plan B ready

By Braun Bleamer

Posted on Monday, October 19th, 2015

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Usually when a customer comes into the shop, it’s because they’ve seen some of my dimensional work out in the field and they want something comparable. One foot in the door, they see a barrage of similar signs on display and are now convinced that they must have one along those same lines.

Although the dimensional signs are by far the most eye-catching, I typically try to educate people on the different types of signs and materials available to them. I usually end up working up a price on a dimensional sign because that is what they believe they have to have.

Many times, however, I need to be creative and ready with a Plan B when the reality of the cost of a dimensional sign puts these customers at a loss. A lot of the dimensional signs that I do are for country clubs and resorts whose disposable assets are much more far-reaching than the average customer. Instead of allowing them to possibly walk out the door disappointed and with nothing, I show them how they can walk away happy, within their budget, and with a sign that does the trick.

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Braun Bleamer’s shop, Jet Signs Inc., is in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

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