What’s old is new again

By Dan Antonelli

Posted on Monday, October 19th, 2015

Tweaking the existing logo We were able to reference the original art for the logo from back in the ’40s and base an updated version on it. While maintaining the roots of the original brand, we proposed several versions with updated typography. We modified a few of the original elements to put a better, more cohesive mark together. We tried several options before returning to typography and colors closer to the original logo.

Illustrating the boy Ken suggested that we use photos of his son when he was 10 years old as the basis for our illustration. He sent several pictures, and we were able to get it to work out. Using the original reference photos for lighting and position, and then the photos of Ken’s son, we digitally painted the boy in Corel Painter first, and then brought everything into Illustrator for vectoring. This process took approximately 80 hours of time.

The truck wrap and fleet branding While our illustrator was working on the final rendering, I was busy working on how we’d incorporate this new branding on the trucks. Initially I thought I would use the logo with the boy above on the truck, but the more I played with it, the more I realized that the proportions wouldn’t allow for the impact I was hoping to achieve.

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Dan Antonelli

Dan Antonelli owns KickCharge Creative (formerly Graphic D-Signs, Inc.) in Washington, New Jersey. His latest book, Building a Big Small Business Brand, joins his Logo Design for Small Business I and II. He can be reached at dan@kickcharge. com. Dan also offers consulting and business coaching services to sign companies. For more information, visit danantonelli.com. On Instagram: @danantonelli_kickcharge.