Lettering is aluminum leaf with yellow transparent color glaze on 3-by-12-ft. high density urethane panel. Flowers are hand carved, and border is real rust with copper leaf ornaments.
Tom Siebert
4-by-8-ft. HDU sign with ¾-in. Sintra PVC letters with copper leaf borders with patina background and rust borders done with Sophisticated Finishes metallic finishes. Edge of sign is ¼-in. PVC board formed to the oval.
Lettering is 23k gold leaf and paint on carved 4-by-4-ft. HDU panel, with black smalts panel behind Rugs. Genie is hand carved, and horizontal ornament is finished with gold mica powder. Bottom border is glass marbles.
Channel letters with LED internal components
3-by-4-ft. HDU sign with copper leaf on tree and black smalts background on lower panels. Tasting Room panel is a hand-formed arch that is raised 4-in. in the center.
Carved 4-by-6-ft. HDU panel finished with 23k gold leaf and acrylic paint. Rose is hand carved.
Painted raised letters with 23k gold leaf border on 4-by-5-ft. HDU panel with a wood grain background painted with acrylic paint.
4-by-12-ft. HDU panel finished with 23k gold leaf and acrylic paint.
6-by-6-ft. sign with stacked elements of HDU board; hog head, scissors, razor and barber poles are hand carved. Finished with 23k gold leaf and acrylic paint, with pearl mica powder on pole tops.
Avila - moonstones
Hand painted graphics with digital print of farm scene on 7-by-8-ft. overlaid plywood panel
Dave & Robin

Follow-up: David and Robin McDonald

By SignCraft Magazine

Posted on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Any changes in the works?

We’re going to stay the course. At one point we thought that retirement was in our future, then we realized that we already are retired, in a way; the life that we live really works for us. We’ve started traveling a little, and we realized that this is what we want to do—travel a little bit, come home and make some signs, enjoy our home, and think about our next trip. We’d keep doing this as long as we’re comfortable doing it.

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