Print a graphic for a monument sign: Photo is a laminated digital print on steel panel finished with automotive paint. Lettering is ¼-in. laser-cut acrylic. Steel border has a hammered finish with copper leaf and clear coated. Mike Starks, Soha Sign Co. Inc., Vancouver, Washington
How about that overhead door? This digital print transforms a plain white overhead door into both a mural and sign. Joselin Snow, Krazy Wraps, Salinas, California
Print an illuminated sign face: Mark Agnew, Agnew Sign Company, Owosso, Michigan, printed the face on this sign, which is internally illuminated with Sloan LEDs.
Print the sign face: 2-by-3-ft. printed sign face mounted on a steel bracket. David and Robin McDonald, Avila Sign & Design, Arroyo Grande, California
For a boat transom: 17-by-25-in. digital print, laminated and contour cut. Andy Bordi, Bordi Designs, Merchantville, New Jersey
Interior displays: David and Robin McDonald used digital prints to create a series of interior displays for this supermarket, mounting them on aluminum composite material over barnwood panels. They did the product photos, too.
Wall graphics for a conference room: Clay Downing, Signs by Clay Downing, Broadlands, Virginia
…and on the glass wall by a pool: Clay Downing
Print a temporary sign face: Printed graphics on 13 oz. banner material, 2-ft.-by-10-ft. Andy Bordi, Bordi Designs, Merchantville, New Jersey
Wrap a bike: Wraps aren’t just for vans, right? Jocelin Snow, Snow Signs/Krazy Wraps, Salinas, California
…or a vending machine: Jocelin Snow, Snow Signs/Krazy Wraps
Cover an existing sign: Digital print on 3-by-5-ft. overlaid plywood panel installed over granite monument. John Deaton, Deaton Design, Ages Brookside, Kentucky
Print wall graphics: Mark Agnew, Agnew Sign Company, Owosso, Michigan, printed a series of vintage images and mounted them on Alupanel aluminum composite panels for a school stadium.
Interior signage: This 3-by-4-ft. interior wall sign was printed, then laminated with matte film and mounted on CNC-cut 1-in. PVC board. Matthew Ferguson, A&M Graphics, Auburn, New York
Print the sign face: Printed graphics on 67-by-43-in. overlaid plywood panel. Andy Bordi, Bordi Designs, Merchantville, New Jersey

There’s plenty of large format printing to sell

Don’t let customers think it’s just for wraps. Flat signs, full wraps, partial wraps, floor graphics, banners and wall graphics that can go on almost any ...

By signcraft

Posted on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

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Flat signs, full wraps, partial wraps, floor graphics, banners and wall graphics that can go on almost any surface—there are plenty of profitable graphics you can print for your customers. Don’t forget interior graphics on paper or fabric, trade show displays and table banners.

The point is to take advantage of this technology to deliver attractive, appealing graphics that deliver your client’s message on all sorts of substrates and all types of applications. Digital printing gives you a product to upsell to and more products to offer. It can also let you sell the work that attracts more of the clients you want.

“I use digital faces on a lot of flat signs,” says John Deaton, Deaton Designs, Ages, Kentucky. “It lets me do a lot more interesting design and still produce an affordable sign. Many customers want something a little nicer, but their budget may not let them have a 3D sign. Digital is a good solution, and it holds up for four or five years just fine.

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