Simple wraps succeed, clutter fails

By Dan Antonelli

Posted on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

The How: This is the easy one. The phone and web address need to be clear and visible, but not of equal size as brand elements. Too often you see wraps with huge phone numbers or web addresses which come at the expense of the brand. As a viewer, if I don’t know or understand what you do because the design is too cluttered, I really don’t care what your phone number is. (And while we’re speaking about phone numbers, here’s a tip: never use parentheses on the area code in phone numbers. It hinders legibility.)

Color usage

For most service businesses, their vehicle is the most prominent and most visible form of advertising within the community they serve. Just as the lettering and graphics work to deliver the primary message, so do the colors chosen to represent the brand. When possible, unique color schemes help the vehicle stand out against the norm. Coupled with a compelling brand integration, they help a wrap deliver in ways that most wraps can’t.

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Dan Antonelli

Dan Antonelli owns KickCharge Creative (formerly Graphic D-Signs, Inc.) in Washington, New Jersey. His latest book, Building a Big Small Business Brand, joins his Logo Design for Small Business I and II. He can be reached at dan@kickcharge. com. Dan also offers consulting and business coaching services to sign companies. For more information, visit On Instagram: @danantonelli_kickcharge.