These images are from a 20-page PDF that we email to prospects. The title of the piece is 19 Clients Speak to the Power of Their Brands. As we add more, we’ll just change the title. We wanted the piece to speak to typical objections and concerns, and pulled the most important parts out as headlines and pull quotes.
For clients we were unable to obtain good actual vehicle photos from, we invest the time in preparing good Photoshop mockups to use instead. This particular page helps answer the questions, “Why are you so expensive? Will I get the ROI I hope to on this investment?”
Hard data like this is a more tangible result that businesses can identify with. We like to follow-up with our clients and ask them to compare the numbers pre- and post- rebranding.
The most common objection stems from price. This helps ease a potential client’s fears about the fees for good design work.

Case studies and testimonials speed the sales process

Your past successes are often an under-utilized part of your marketing

By Dan Antonelli

Posted on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

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I learned very early on that marketing my agency was more about telling the story of what I could do for a client, and less about us, our awards, or how “great” we thought we were. The reality is, people don’t make decisions based solely on how many awards we have, or how good we may say we are. Rather, they make decisions solely on their best interests. It’s less about your “greatness,” and more about how your so-called greatness is going to solve their problems.

So we’ve worked hard to tailor our messages and make sure our marketing materials identified with our core verticals. We wanted clients to see themselves first in our materials—and us second. We wanted them to see how we’ve solved small business problems just like theirs. And after years of success stories, we have so many to use in our arsenal.

There’s a few ways to approach case studies, and they should be written and designed to help address some of your challenges in your sales process. Is it that clients don’t understand the value of your service? Do they not understand why the design process is so critical? Are they worried about the ROI on a more expensive sign? Tailor your content to best address some of their key concerns.

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Dan Antonelli owns KickCharge Creative (formerly Graphic D-Signs, Inc.) in Washington, New Jersey. His latest book, Building a Big Small Business Brand, joins his Logo Design for Small Business I and II. He can be reached at dan@kickcharge. com. Dan also offers consulting and business coaching services to sign companies. For more information, visit On Instagram: @danantonelli_kickcharge.

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