Sure — it's possible, and maybe even easy, to put all those sponsor logos on there...
...but the primary message will pay the price. And what reader takes the time to recognize all those logos from the street anyway?

Don’t let the message get buried by technology

Just because you can, should you? (Put all those logos on there, that is.)

By Mike Jackson

Posted on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

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Most signs and banners “back in the day” were either hand painted or created with computer-cut vinyl—or a combination of both. Time and labor were a major part of each project, so when a client asked for a ton of copy or a bunch of logos, it was always easy to steer them away from too much of it.

Actually, the argument was twofold. On one hand, the extra elements drove the price up and on the other, the extra copy and logos reduced the legibility and effectiveness of the sign.

Now, large-format printers have changed the way these types of signs are produced. Sheets of metal, sheets of vinyl, or banner material is fed through the printer. The printer doesn’t care if there are just a few words or thousands of words—nor does it matter if there are numerous complicated logos. The “time” on these kinds of projects is in the layout time spent at the computer, and not in the production.

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Mike and Darla Jackson operate Golden Studios in Loveland, Colorado, and do a variety of sign-related projects. Mike’s website is His email address is You can see more of Mike’s photos at and

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