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Posted on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

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Shrinking banner prices

Dear SignCraft,

   I participated in your banner survey [see the Online Exclusive article, Take a Look at What Others Charge for 3-by-10-ft. Banners, on www.signcraft.com] recently, and must say I’m saddened by the results. Two banners that size selling for $179 each on average? I’m looking at your 2014 Sign Pricing Guide and for someone in the green level (which I consider the minimum), the suggested price is $229 each. And that was in 2014. I know machines do it quicker, but the equipment isn’t cheap.
   On your next survey, ask how many sign companies are real sign companies—ones that pay employees wages, workers comp, health insurance, vehicles, equipment, shop costs, insurance, utilities, etc. and also provide for all their family’s needs. I just wish more people would realize the cost of doing business. I’ve seen a lot of changes since 1992—some not so good.

Chuck Blubaugh, Signline Graphics, Howard, Ohio

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