Profile: Paul Finn

By SignCraft Magazine

Posted on Monday, October 31st, 2016

I have been exploring different ideas and over the last few years have been working on making larger-than-lifesize props from polystyrene. I use a combination of hot wire, CNC routing, hard coating and hand skills to produce these props for marketing and promotional companies in particular. I invested in equipment to ensure our props can be coated and withstand both the weather and the public can’t damage them.

Sculpting is a hugely rewarding and relaxing experience for me. I hope to bring some of the 3D work into our signs where it is suitable. It’s not a cheap process but it is one which delivers results.

For example, I had a very large set of letters on the front of our building for a few years, which nobody really took notice of or commented on. It read “Signs that stand out!” The problem was that they didn’t stand out.

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