Prismatic carved SignFoam high-density urethane board letters on curved aluminum tubing. Background panel is CNC carved HDU over a frame of square aluminum tubing, and is 4-by-12-ft. overall.
The bear is 20-ft.-tall carved EPS over an aluminum framework, coated with fiberglass and sprayed with stucco. The paddle is HDU board, and the flag is aluminum.
Router-carved HDU prismatic letters on a 10-ft.-wide router-carved HDU panel on an aluminum frame
“This one has emoji faces on it that spin around,” says Ron. “That sort of thing really works out well—it brings the people into the store. Everything’s a little screwy on the sign so we twisted up the light brackets, too.” LED channel letters on an 8-ft. HDU background over an aluminum frame
“Things like the 22-ft. spacecraft for Laser Maze get attention,” says Ron. “It was used on another business for two years where it was coming out of the wall. They closed and we got it back, then sold it to this attraction in New Jersey. It’s all lit with LEDs, and we have turbo lights behind that Lexan. The back wall is carved SignFoam HDU over an aluminum frame. We routed the texture into that, then have LED lights on the back of the letters that light up that back wall. The alien characters are 8-ft. and 10-ft. tall. The alien in the space capsule was cut on the router and is about 24 in. deep. The rest of the space capsule is all SignFoam HDU.”
HDU letters on a 3-by-8-ft. background of pecky Cypress boards. The pelican graphic is a hand-carved HDU board panel.
CNC router carved HDU letters and graphics over an aluminum frame, with aluminum leaves in the background. The sign is 6-ft. wide. All the 3D carving was designed in ArtCAM software.
Prismatic carved HDU letters on an HDU panel over a curved aluminum frame. Oval panel is carved HDU board.
The 10-ft.-diameter skillet is aluminum with HDU for the handle, all sprayed with stucco for the texture. The letters are HDU board, and the saw blade is aluminum.
Letters and graphics are HDU board on a 5-by-10-ft. HDU board panel over an aluminum frame.
Prismatic carved HDU letters on an HDU panel over a curved aluminum frame. Oval panel is carved HDU board.
Letters are HDU board over black aluminum backer; the hat is 4-by-4-ft. and fabricated from aluminum.
Main sign panel is HDU letters on 6-by-8-ft. HDU panel covered with poplar bark panels, mounted on 20-ft.-tall HDU paddles. The paddles are laminated over square aluminum tubing that slid over steel beam uprights.
Prismatic HDU board letters and graphic on a 5-by-8-ft. HDU background, with turbo lights (commonly used for carnival and fairground amusement lighting) in the border
3-ft.-diameter carved HDU panel with HDU letters. Threaded rods were embedded in the HDU for mounting.
2-by-3-ft. carved HDU faces with threaded rods embedded between them for mounting
Letters and graphics are carved HDU board on a 5-by-10-ft. HDU board panel over an aluminum frame.
The Tiki totems are 3-by-30-ft. and carved from EPS foam that was coated with Magic Smooth epoxy then sprayed with a stucco finish. The letters and sign panel are HDU over an aluminum frame, and are 18-ft. wide overall. The surfboards are HDU board, and the wave is also EPS foam.
Tara Forest, Faye Kim, Chris Shirk, Ingrid Shirk, Kirt Edwards and Nathan Wolfe

Profile: Ron Kim

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, October 31st, 2016

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Shop name:

Shop size:
4000 sq. ft.

Staff: 9

Age: 68

Graphics equipment:
Gerber Sabre router
Mimaki JV3-160S printer
Mimaki cutter
ArtCam CAD/CAM software

When I got back from Vietnam I went to work for Sears doing display work. On the side, I started painting murals, often in discos. Before long, people were asking me to paint a sign here and there so I was doing some signs. Before you knew it, I didn’t have time for Sears anymore.

Faye, my wife, would go out a couple days a week and cold canvas. She would bring back a few jobs. Soon she only would go out once a week then once a month, then she didn’t need to go at all. We had a steady flow of work. We’ve been lucky because we haven’t looked for work for 28 years.

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