The white sign face is aluminum over black PVC sheet, which also creates the border. The lettering is 3M vinyl. The red hops graphic at the bottom is carved individual pieces of HDU. The round top graphic is HDU board. “The ski jumps from the 1980 Winter Olympics are just down the road,” says Laura Walker, Laura’s Custom Artworks, Lake Placid, New York, “hence the name Big Slide!”
“The jump is carved from HDU board and mounted on blue polycarbonate that I backlit with LED lights. I love working with multiple substrates to create an interesting design.”
Shane Kenny, Sun City Signs, Geraldton, Western Australia
Retro-style projecting sign by Andrew Petersen, Sign Pro, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Alex Naumenko, Sign Pro Plus, Bluffton, South Carolina
David Showalter, David Design, Bryan, Ohio
“I specialize in fiberglass sculptures to be incorporated in signage, which I call ARTvertising,” says David S. Murphy, Artist Murphy, LLC, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.
“They’re quite unique, and something SignCraft readers might want to outsource to me. This curbside waiter is also a fountain. Water pours from the wine bottle and circulates from a little pump in the glass through a PVC tube in his body back to the bottle.”
The letters on the 72-by-88-in. aluminum composite faces were CNC-cut from ¾-in. PVC board. Express is prismatic-carved PVC board on a layer of ¼-in. PVC for the background outline. The paint tools logo was CNC-carved from 1-in. HDU board. The address panel was cast vinyl on ACM panel. The sign is finished with Matthews polyurethane paints [www.]. Bob Stephens, Skywatch Signs, Zephyrhills, Florida
Kolortek Sign [BEFORE]
[BEFORE] “Here are the before-and-after photos of a sign I recently finished,” says Chuck Peterson, Chuck Peterson Designs, San Diego, California.
[AFTER] “The new post and bracket is actually a slip-over pole cover that was custom made by the The lettering on the sandblasted cedar panels is finished with 22k gold leaf.”
David Wright, Wright Signs, Wyandotte, Michigan
“Not long ago, I had a chance to create a sign for my great grandfather’s house in Baker City, Oregon,” says Jeff Wisdom, Signworks, Springfield, Oregon. “My mother sold the homesteaded home in 1979, 101 years after it was built. Today it’s a vacation rental.”
“I hand lettered this 1932 ford pickup with flat mint green enamel,” says Ian Langfield, Legend Signs, Canberra, Australia. “I removed some of the paint with thinner in places to add to the effect.”

Signs We’ve Seen

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Posted on Monday, October 31st, 2016

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