What happened? We were doing so well last month.

This might be the reason your sales surge then slump

By Richard McKinley

Posted on Sunday, January 1st, 2017

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As a business owner one of your primary goals is for your business to grow and be profitable. When businesses suffer a temporary downturn in sales, it’s usually because they ceased their prospecting efforts when times were good. Most companies start prospecting once a slow period begins when it should be an ongoing effort.

I can hear it now. “How can I prospect when I’m snowed under with sign orders?”

Here’s what has been successful for me. I use three methods to generate prospects: direct mail, telephone and face-to-face.

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Richard McKinley is semi-retired from the sign business and the promotional products industry. He lives in Howard, Ohio. He can be reached at richo@roadrunner.com.

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