Letters are ¾-in. push-through acrylic; logo is 3-in. deep channel letter on composite lumber on 4-by-7-ft. welded aluminum frame with aluminum skin. The base is an aluminum skirt and the address is ¼-in. aluminum. It’s finished with Matthews Paint.
Push-through lettering; window and shutters are routed aluminum and HDU with painted gradient on polycarbonate, on a 7-by-12-ft. welded aluminum frame with aluminum skins. It is lit with warm white LEDs and finished with Matthews Paint.
Front and halo lit channel lettering on 5-by-10-ft. multiple aluminum cabinets. The bottom cabinet has polycarbonate faces and black vinyl graphics, internally lit with LEDs.
Reverse channel lettering on 4-by-6-ft. routed HDU board panel over an aluminum frame and finished with water-based acrylics and glazes.
Acrylic push-through lettering, internally lit with warm white LEDs and halo lit with amber LEDS on 4-by-14-ft. aluminum face over a welded aluminum frame. The rivets are routed HDU. It was painted with Matthews Paint using masks, faux finish techniques and some airbrushing.
Inlaid acrylic letting and logo on 4-by-10-ft. HDU routed panels. The posts are fabricated aluminum covers and caps over 4-in. pressure-treated wood posts.
The circle logo was routed from one piece of HDU board and finished with Matthews Paints. It’s mounted on 4-by-10-ft. aluminum panels over a welded aluminum frame skinned. The pylon was finished with Sophisticated Finishes Iron Metallic Surfacer from Triangle Coatings, followed by their Rust Patina.
3-by-14-ft. aluminum skin over welded aluminum frame with HDU trim. Matthews paint and neon lighting
Push-though acrylic lettering on 4-by-6-ft. aluminum cabinet; logo is multiple layers of acrylic with translucent vinyl graphics. Yellow edge is acrylic with a painted translucent finish and internally lit.
Reverse channel lettering and logo on 5-by-14-ft. aluminum cabinet with offset faces. Stripes on sides are composite lumber.
Acrylic lettering on 2-by-4-ft. unlit aluminum face over a welded frame. The fin is ¼-in. aluminum.

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Brian Stoddard

Follow-up: Brian Stoddard

Monroe, Washington

By signcraft

Posted on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

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Shop name:
NW Signs

Shop size:
17,000 sq. ft.

Staff: 12

Age: 48

First featured in SignCraft:
May/June 2006

In most sign shops, there’s never enough space. Brian Stoddard had been running into that in a big way. His volume increased, he added staff—and eventually filled every inch of his 4000-sq.-ft. shop.

“Finally,” Brian says, “there were 12 of us in there. We were like rats in a maze. We were long overdue for a bigger shop. Before we moved we were losing jobs because we were 8 to 10 weeks out.”

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