Laser-cut 2mm corten panel with the rust patina created with acid then the weathered paint effect was done by hand. It was then sprayed with clear coat. It is illuminated with LEDs mounted to the back.

Follow-up: Giampiero Giovanelli

Fermignano, Italy


Posted on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

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Shop name:
The Factory of the Signs

Age: 52

First featured in SignCraft:
May/June 1990

When Giampiero Giovanelli was featured in SignCraft back in March/ April 1998, he was building a growing sign business that handled all types of sign. He had a growing staff and new equipment. Changes in the economy and in technology have changed all that. In 2014, he closed his sign company, Visual Pubblicità, after over 25 years in business. Shortly after that he opened La Fabbrica Delle Insegne, which translates as “The Sign Factory.”

“With my new company,” says Giampiero, “I created a light, dynamic structure that allows me to choose the jobs that I like to do and provide better service to my clients. I specialize in the design and manufacture of creative signs, in contemporary, artistic, vintage and retro styles.

“I handle the graphic design while production is carried out by another company, Giromari srl, with which I have an exclusive relationship for producing my signs. They have extensive expertise in the processing of plastics and metals. Using the latest equipment, including computerized laser cutters, they can work in acrylic, aluminum, brass, steel, SignFoam HDU, wood and so on. Together we have a winning synergy.”

Giampiero has an office in their headquarters, where he monitors the production of his designs and handles the design and marketing of his work. He promotes his work via the Internet, and has found a market for his creative, unique signage.

He sees a future in developing and experimenting with new styles of advertising and signage. He likes combining new and old materials, and rediscovering traditional techniques that have been overlooked by computer technology and digital printing. The same approach that helped him create and grow his original company is helping him develop La Fabbrica Delle Insegne.

“I work in wood, corten steel [rusted steel], polyurethane, Corian, enameled metal, stone and other unique materials,” says Giampiero. “Natural wood or corten steel, with its characteristic rust patina, create an elegant aesthetic and warm feel. I like to use these two materials together. Another of my exclusive production processes is using resin material to produce sets and signage in 3D for shop window displays.

“Thanks to SignCraft I was able to expand my knowledge and learn new techniques. It opened up a world I’d have never found on my own. My goal is to continue to improve— to push myself further and not rest on past successes. I want to be always willing to both learn and share my knowledge.”

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