I started with a bunch of cars, a world map and their logo. I blended them into a collage, then did interior wall graphics at two locations for them.
This room had several big, ugly electrical panels that needed hidden. We did the prints on aluminum-framed panels that open up for access to the electrical panels.
We designed and built the entire office interior of this gaming company. This was part of a big, old factory. We painted the walls flat black and then printed and hung banners from the ceiling to cover the rough factory walls. We got the lights out of an old barn, repainted them and updated the electrical components.
This is one of my favorite wall print projects. The deli interior was very plain. I suggested the wall print, incorporating their logo. They initially planned to add a 12-in. strip of ceramic tile under it, but as we were getting ready to print they decided to not do the tile. I felt it would hurt the look, so I bought a piece of tile, photographed it and printed it as part of the design.
This print on our office wall has helped me sell several wall prints. It makes quite an impression and gets the conversation started. It’s right behind our Royal Sovereign electric trimmer [www.royalsovereign.com]—which is a terrific tool for cutting prints to size. It saves us a lot of time and cuts down on waste.
This company had an interior glass wall between the office and a room full of servers. The office was fairly drab, so it seemed like a great opportunity to hide the servers and give the office a lift. They had the photograph, which had been recently shot on a project in Florida. It worked perfectly.

Sell the impact of wall prints

By signcraft

Posted on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

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One of the markets created by the advent of digital printing is wall prints or wall wraps—custom designed digital prints that are installed like wallpaper. It’s another way for a designer to harness the visual impact of large-format graphics to build a brand, deliver a message or create a unique space. You can also use them to hide things like a renovation or a room full of equipment in a creative, appealing way.

We generally expect walls to be painted and decorated conventionally, maybe with framed artwork. When we encounter a wall that is graphic from edge-to-edge and floor-to-ceiling, it’s a surprise. A designer can take advantage of that to deliver an advertising message or to create a certain field in the space.

Since these are a relatively new type of graphic, most clients are unaware that you can do them. They usually need to see them to believe them—on your shop or office wall, examples on your website, or seeing one of the other walls you have done. Since they can make a pretty powerful impression, it can be easy to move on to a sale once they have seen one. Without seeing what a wall print can do for a room, though, don’t expect most clients to be able to visualize one.

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