It’s perfectly okay to break the line with text or graphics, because it adds interest and a sense of dimension.
Even those everyday informational signs can sometimes benefit from a rule. They only take a minute to add.
Sometimes a vertical line comes in handy, creating a panels of sorts, as on Jamahkiri. I don’t always use a bright color for the rule, either. In some cases, a color darker than the background does the job as in the sign at left.

Rules rule!

A simple line can be a powerful layout tool

By Rob Cooper

Posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2017

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One of the graphic tools I use often in my sign layouts is the simple horizontal rule. It’s amazing how many times a rather boring regular sign can be given a kick with a different colored line placed somewhere. I use them a lot.

A rule is also an easy way to control the copy—separating multiple messages and making the reader’s job a little easier. It’s an easy way of creating panels that contain pieces of information within the layout.

I often use them to introduce a splash of color into the sign. Because they are small in size and light in weight, I can use a brighter color that adds another contrast to the sign. It spices things up. Other times, though, I use a subtle color that just does its job quietly.

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