Color splits make your vehicle wraps more disruptive

By Dan Antonelli

Posted on Monday, June 19th, 2017

When designing for truck wraps, we’re always looking for ways for our designs to be more disruptive in the landscape they live in. After all, that’s the goal for any advertising—standing out—while still being on brand with your message, and simultaneously delivering a positive brand promise.

It’s not hard for a good truck wrap layout to disrupt when so many wraps on the road today are just plain awful. This is actually a great thing for our clients, because they know their wraps are already going to be very different than what their competitors are using.

The responsibility any sign company has when wrapping a client’s truck is monumental. I often say that I wish more designers approached their work as if lives were literally at stake when they accept a job. If their work does what it’s supposed to, that business can grow, hire more people, and impact a tremendous amount of people. Never underestimate that responsibility.

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