After coming in the front door, the office is upstairs to your left. Under the office there is a storage room behind the first set of doors. The paint room is behind the second set of doors.
The paint room serves as a dust-free workspace.
Looking to the left as you come in the front door, you see the production area.
Braun gilding a carved sign in the paint room.
Paulo Barros applies graphics in the main bay.
At one end of the long bench down the right side of the main bay is Braun’s design area, or as he calls it, “the rat’s nest.”

Designer at work: Braun Bleamer

By SignCraft Magazine

Posted on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Images: I usually go to for images when I need them. You need great images when you’re going to print them at these large sizes on a sign or a van. That’s hard to explain to customers sometimes, who think the little image they got off their computer should work just fine at 5-ft. tall.

Equipment: I have a Roland VS-540i printer, and it’s been super reliable. I get it serviced once a year just to make sure everything is working smoothly. I have a Drytac Jet Mount laminator and a Graphtec FC7000 cutter.

Key influences/mentors: Jake Flurer, who has Jake’s Lettering and Design, used to be about half an hour from here, but has since moved to North Carolina. His work looks great, and he did a lot of the truck lettering around here. His style is very crisp and clean. I learned an awful lot just by seeing Jake’s work and trying to figure out how he did it. He’s really good at adding just one little thing to a design that lets you know it wasn’t a cookie-cutter project. It’s just one simple thing that makes the whole job unique. Another major influence was Doug Rontz, a classic sign crafter who passed away a year or so ago. Doug was just up the road in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. That town has a big tourism draw, and he made a lot of very cool 3-D signs there. He would do these signs that were layers and layers of SignFoam HDU board. They are just so interesting to look at. Rich Dombey [Rich Designs Inc., Hillsborough, New Jersey] is one of the best truck lettering people out there. There are very few things of his that I’ve seen that I could say I didn’t like. That whole Jersey gang is that way—Rich, Scottie Kania, Brian Schofield and the list goes on and on. There’s so much good truck lettering down there. And they’re all buddies, which is really cool. I’ve got a lot of inspiration over the years from the people in SignCraft. You flip the pages and you have to wonder, “Where do they get the ideas? How do you get your mind to think like that?” The secret, of course, is the foundation of the layout. It’s like building a house. If the foundation is good, chances are the house will turn out fine. When I’m stuck for an idea, I grab a copy of SignCraft and flip through an issue. Before I’m through it, I usually have seen something that gives me a place to start.

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