Designer at work: Peter Poanessa

By SignCraft Magazine

Posted on Monday, August 28th, 2017

You do have to watch that you don’t get bogged down with too many fonts. It can eat up time that’s hard to get paid for. Even so, I still buy fonts fairly often, mostly from LetterheadFonts. I’m like a woman with a closet full of shoes, but still buying shoes.

Images: I don’t use a lot of realistic photographic images on my signs. I never cared for that look. For the type of work I do, it can be too much to look at and actually be a distraction from the message of the sign. This is something that happens a lot with wraps.

I prefer something with a bold graphic look. A simple image, like a clipart image, works better for me. I often go to Google images and scroll through, looking for an idea. Once I get some inspiration, I prefer to sketch something out, scan it in and clean it up. Otherwise, you can suck up an awful lot of time looking for an image that is ready to use and is just right for the job. Or you wind up settling for something you found but isn’t quite right. Sketching it out is usually faster.

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