Big Secret laser cut and engraved several intricate maps from wood panels that were prizes inside barrels for a scavenger hunt promotion that Jack Daniels did as part of their 150th anniversary celebration.
Laser-engraved cedar cufflink boxes for a high end clothier
Coasters for a development company; design by Dan Cassaro
Laser-cut grip tape for a promotion for Friends of Type
Laser engraved mahogany business cards for actor Neil Patrick Harris’s production company
One of the laser-engraved door nameplates made for the headquarters of
Big Secret built this walnut box used as part of a college promotional event and laser engraved the graphics.
Laser-engraved trophy bat for the annual Nike-sponsored Perfect Game home run derby
Laser engraved art piece for artist and illustrator Kendrick Kidd

Lasers lead to new markets

Jason Lefton has found there is almost no end to the possibilities

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, August 28th, 2017

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Most of the market for laser-engraved and laser-cut graphics didn’t exist before the laser. It simply wasn’t possible to cut with such precision, or to engrave almost any surface. People are still discovering what can be done with the laser, so the market is still developing. It’s a case of a new tool creating new markets.

It’s even created shops that are based around the laser. Such is the case with Jason Lefton’s business, Big Secret []. Since 2009, Jason has focused on creative collaboration with artists, art directors, design firms and advertising agencies. Most of his work comes from referrals and word-of-mouth advertising.

“From the beginning,” Jason says, “my goal has been to do a broad variety of creative work, rather than just focus on one area like trophies and plaques as some people do. I like the variety and the collaborative work. It keeps things really interesting.

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