This was a donation to a local charity that feeds street people and the homeless. Blue Ridge Sign Supply donated the panel. Remember the old song “Walk right in, set right down”?
I made this welcome sign well over a decade ago, and it was broken and abused. It was a mess! I had backed the SignFoam HDU panel up with overlaid plywood and it was failing. I replaced that with aluminum composite material, carefully repaired the damage to the sign face, then repainted it. Now, hopefully it will outlast me!
A local artist did the design for this “Save the Monarchs” mural then she and I painted it on the wall of the local museum.
I sandblasted and painted this SignFoam HDU panel for Kudzu Branding of Black Mountain.

So you’re going to retire (you think)

“If you can find me, and if I like you, I’ll make you a sign.”

By Mary Soyenova

Posted on Saturday, August 26th, 2017

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“Retire? That’s what you do to a car!” says Bill Reidel, of Little Ferry Signs. Bill is a master sign painter and wood carver, well into his eighties and he is decidedly not retired.

When my husband, Ed, passed away, I wanted to close the door of my shop and call it a day. With him gone, so it seemed, so was the fun that we all know is the thread running through our craft. Ed was the light in my life and my right-hand guy. I was determined to sell all my equipment and be done with sign painting—which has been the most creative part of my life for over 35 years.

“Wait a year,” suggested Dana Fox, long-time friend and sign painter who has Fox Signs over in Wartburg, Tennessee. “You can sell your equipment then if you still want to.”

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