No computer, no software—just good old fashioned drawing using a handful of colored pencils and a couple of markers.
Start with a light pencil layout.
Using the markers, add the black outlines and details.
Start building up the colors from background forward.
Begin the chrome effect with the sky blend first.
Next comes the horizon line and the brown blend.
Now add the purple and orange panels.
Add the last of the color on the secondary copy, then add the white highlights with the correction pen.

Knock someone out with an incredible envelope

Custom envelopes are a great place to develop your layout skills

By James Dobson

Posted on Thursday, October 26th, 2017

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I started doing custom envelopes about 20 years ago, for fun gifts for friends. Over the years, though, they have greatly influenced my signwriting. The envelopes are really just mini-signs—but with no design restraints other than the copy must be legible. They will make your signwriting design and layout skills stronger. You become better at prioritizing copy, choosing a primary focus point and eliminating pockets of negative space within the design. And they’re great practice for lettering in general, particularly script.

People love ‘em The other aspect is that people love receiving them! Many frame them and hang them on the wall. I’ve had postmen walk up long, unused driveways to personally deliver and congratulate the receiver. I’ve had to start sending the envelopes by registered post as occasionally they get stolen in transit.

By the way, they’re entirely legal to do and I even have a letter from Australia Post stating this. So if you’re addicted to lettering and design like me, read on and by all means give it a try—it’s great fun and can really push your design skills!

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