Design Clinic: Cargo van

By Bob Behounek

Posted on Sunday, December 31st, 2017

The stylized B was done in a medium color to blend into our background and not take away from the two dominant features. Similar to stationary signage, our orange stripe allows our eye to enter this ad from above, down and to the right all in one look. Bang! Logo— Biggerstaff Electric!

Our secondary information can now fall in and around the primary elements. If time permits, our readers will have the option of taking this information in.

The higher contrasting black phone number has been made much smaller to clear a path for our larger company name. Few folks have the ability to remember phone numbers or write them down quickly. Using the same type as the company name, the phone is now large enough to read but not competing with the other elements surrounding it.

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Bob Behounek

Bob Behounek has spent over 40 years as a sign artist and pinstriper in the Chicago, Illinois, area.