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5 steps that make Photoshop lettering effects easy

By Ken Tamashiro

Posted on Monday, January 1st, 2018

One minor limitation you should be aware of is that Photoshop rounds the corners of the outline. If the customer insists on perfectly square corners, you’ll have to do that design in Adobe Illustrator, and export it using “Save as PDF (or EPS)”. Back in the Photoshop layout, use the Place command, which is a special command for importing files.

Photoshop can help you create incredible printed lettering and graphics with powerful visual appeal—especially for customers. Selling upgraded graphics is easy when you can show the dramatic difference they can make.

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Ken Tamashiro

Ken Tamashiro’s shop, Ken’s Custom Signs, is in Long Beach, California. He also offers Photoshop services to the trade. You’ll find him on Facebook at Ken’s Custom Signs or by email at kentamashiro7@gmail.com.