The black panel across the front of the hood seemed large to me, so I used a large design there to minimize the space.
1 stripes - Ford pickup - DSCN3429

Plenty of lines for a fine old Ford

The owner of this pickup wanted classic hot rod striping and lots of it

By Todd Hanson

Posted on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

When this customer first called me about pinstriping his truck, he told me he was about two hours from my shop and wanted to set up a time to talk about what he wanted done. I told him if he was definitely planning on having me pinstripe it, let’s just set an actual scheduled date to pinstripe it. We would discuss the work beforehand, then I would get started.

When the truck showed up I was impressed with the quality of work that had been done on it—except that I didn’t like the way they had two-toned the hood. I thought that the red should have come down much more on the front of the truck.

The black panel that had been created across the front of the hood seemed a little too large. I didn’t tell the customer that, but I knew that I needed to address it by using a larger design in that area to pull the visual image of the truck down lower.

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