Here’s an original design in black over a transparency layer.
I found a template for a sign on a window. By replacing the temporary graphic layer with the Buster’s Burgers logo, I created a comp that could be used in the sales process. Notice how the template design used out-of-focus blurs to help fool the viewer.
I used another template to show the logo used on a hanging sign...
...foil-embossed on a menu...
...on a sweatshirt...
...laser-engraved on wood...
...even on their packaging! Note that some mockups, like this one, have more than one Smart Object.

Product mockups are a powerful sales tool

Use ready-made templates to show them their logo on shirts, signs, stationery and more

By signcraft

Posted on Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

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Imagine being able to show a client a variety of end products using their logo without having to actually print, cut or manufacture the actual project.

Product Mockups are template files that allow a Photoshop designer to replace a temporary graphic layer with one of their own designs. The heavy lifting is done behind the scenes, making it possible for a person with average Photoshop skills to create extremely compelling comps that show the customer how their logo would look in other applications—on a window, a sign, a shirt or many other possibilities.

It takes only a quick web search for “product markup” to locate a variety of vendors offering a wide list of mockups. Some sites sell the mockup “sets” individually. Other sites offer subscriptions. The examples in this article were licensed through Envato Elements. For the $29.95 monthly fee, I downloaded quite a few product markups for this article. Most packages have six to ten versions—some have 50 or more.

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