Here’s an original design in black over a transparency layer.
I found a template for a sign on a window. By replacing the temporary graphic layer with the Buster’s Burgers logo, I created a comp that could be used in the sales process. Notice how the template design used out-of-focus blurs to help fool the viewer.
I used another template to show the logo used on a hanging sign...
...foil-embossed on a menu...
...on a sweatshirt...
...laser-engraved on wood...
...even on their packaging! Note that some mockups, like this one, have more than one Smart Object.

Product mockups are a powerful sales tool

By SignCraft Magazine

Posted on Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Lastly, if you are inquisitive, you can go through the layers and steps the designer used to create an effect. That’s also a great way to boost your Photoshop skills.

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