Cut, weed and tape vinyl: 2 hours There were three colors of vinyl film to be cut and prepped for application. Here John weeds the copy on the small identification decals for the front fender.
Apply the graphics: 2 hours 15 minutes John applied the black film first, followed by the pale gray film on BBS.
Next came the white film to create the convex effect on BBS. Once he had it in proper registration, he applied a strip of tape to use as a center hinge. He folded back the masked graphics, cut the liner and applied the film.
The secondary copy went on the bed of the truck in white vinyl on a black panel. The phone number went below that.

What’s it cost to produce this truck lettering?

Multi-color cut vinyl film delivers durable truck lettering

By John Deaton

Posted on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

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24 sq. ft. black Oracal 751 film: $24
16 sq. ft. white Oracal 751 film: $16
6 sq. ft. gray Oracal 751 film: $6
Application tape: $8
Total materials: $54

Cut, weed and tape vinyl: 2 hours
Apply vinyl graphics to truck: 2 hours 15 minutes
Total time: 4 hours 15 minutes
I’ve done quite a few trucks for this customer in the past, and they recently called to say they had another pickup that needed lettered. We use the same design on all their trucks, so there was no need to send a sketch for the customer to review. I did, however, go by to measure the areas on the truck that would be lettered so that I could accurately cut the vinyl film in advance.

Back at the shop, I began cutting the vinyl for the job. This is a multi-color project, so there was a fair amount of vinyl to cut and weed. I use Oracal 751 film for vehicle lettering because I’ve had good results with durability. These trucks are on the road a lot and take quite a bit of abuse.

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