Small signs, big messages

Strong layouts help small and secondary signs get the point across

By Rob Cooper

Posted on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

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I do a lot of small signs, either secondary informational signs or just those that are limited by the space or the use.

Small signs often have one main message and can make layout easier. I usually have at least one visual “hook” on a sign—color panels, background effects, lettering effects (convex, outlines, inline or shadow) to help make them more interesting than all the plain signs out there.

If a small sign is part of a bigger project, I try to keep the colors or letter styles the same, in the name of continuity. I’ll use the same font for the Toilets sign as I used on the main sign. Anyone can buy a Toilets or Parking sign from the local hardware shop. But when they are all similar the whole place looks a bit more comfortable.

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