Before Stephen Salzberg, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
After Stephen Salzberg, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Create easy dimensional shadows in CorelDRAW Here are the gradient settings.
1. Enter your text, then choose the font color.
2. Create a shadow using the Extrude Tool in Wireframe Mode.
3. Choose Break Extrude Apart to separate the shadow from the lettering.
4. That leaves you the shadow grouped as a unit. Add color to the shadow with Fountain Fill, as a gradient.
5. Now duplicate the shade and change the color to a solid dark blue.
6. Place the red shadow behind your lettering.
7. Place the second shadow behind the first shadow.
Here’s the finished product.

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By signcraft

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

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Less is more: Use before-and-afters to sell signs

Although retired from Corporate Image of Illinois, the architectural design and consultation firm I established in 1969 and sold in 2006, I’m still very much attuned to sign design, especially those of poor design. The pictured sign could be judged as the poster child for that category.

Jupiter Medical Center has an outstanding reputation among healthcare facilities for patient care, but that lofty characterization doesn’t carry over to the sign design for its outpatient center. It appears as though it was a victim of design-by-committee, as each department listed may have insisted on full name recognition.

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