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Design Clinic: 4-by-12-ft. fascia sign for a salon

Recover wasted space and open up the layout

By Bob Behounek

Posted on Thursday, December 27th, 2018

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When the phone rings with prospective work, most of us are interested to help in any way possible. That’s the nature of the successful sign professional. This call is from the new owner of an existing business. Our phone conversation seems to head in the direction of a basic repaint of what our client has on their fascia. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Heck, wash the sign down and recut the vinyl. Or if it’s painted, just go over the existing layout with lettering enamel.

I agreed to run out and survey the existing sign when in the area. I pulled up to find a very faded remnant of what looked like a printed logo of some sort. Okay, where do we go from here? It was the classic example of the current sign work having gone south. I took a few guesstimates size-wise, and a photograph for reference. I think what the previous owner had done was okay, but I knew I could recommend a more efficient solution in design and color.

Client consultation Gathering my thoughts and armed with a pencil and pad of paper, I went inside to talk this project through with the new manager. You know how this usually goes once you introduce yourself: “How much?” One has to give a reassuring smile that says you are capable not only of pricing this project competitively, but also helping our new owner get the best advertising solution.

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Bob Behounek has spent over 40 years as a sign artist and pinstriper in the Chicago, Illinois, area.

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