Airbrushed cartoon and fish, with airbrushed pinstripe effect on The Rodfather.
23K gold leaf with burnished convex effect
Cut vinyl with a digital print from a photo of a fish that John had airbrushed on their previous boat. There is a thin metallic gold outline on Teaser.
Engine-turned 23K gold leaf with a sprayed translucent shadow that lets the woodgrain show through it
John at work on another airbrushed sailfish
Cut vinyl lettering with digital prints from a photo of a fish John airbrushed.
Airbrushed and hand painted graphics for a boat owned by a designer of computer motherboards
Engine-turned 23K gold leaf with a double outline
JT, John’s son, finishes installing a set of quarterboards done with RealGold Large Engine Turn Silver sign vinyl.
Engine-turned 23K gold leaf with an airbrushed fish graphic
Airbrushed lettering done with House of Kolor paints over their base coat used for candy finishes
“This is a nice clean job for a pro golfer,” says John. “I made the silhouette from a photo of him, and he liked that. The lettering is RealGold Burnished 22K gold leaf sign vinyl. I’ve done boats for several pro athletes and celebrities like Jimmy Buffett and Johnny Depp. I never meet the people, of course, but it makes things interesting.”

John Teeto

By SignCraft Magazine

Posted on Saturday, December 29th, 2018

Today 95% of my work is boats or boat related. About 60% is done with the help of the computer, and the remaining 40% is hand-lettered. I do a fair amount of traveling, sometimes up as far as Jupiter and West Palm, which are over an hour away.

Boat owners have flown me all over to do their boats—Costa Rico, South America, Puerto Rico. It’s a lot of fun.

I do a lot of sport fishing boats. They are very conscious of their image, and they are proud of their boats. I do a lot of gold leaf and RealGold gold leaf film, and still do some custom airbrush work on some of them. Lately I’m using quite a bit of RealGold Silver film. People like that more trendy look, and I needed a silver film that would last.

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