This is the original storefront, which was obviously in need of updating and a stronger image for the business.
The new storefront and sign: 1. Two different sizes of initial caps look awkward. 2. The shade of gold on the plastic letters differs from the border and so appears worn and weathered. 3. The street address is on a plaque instead of separate numerals as preferred in today’s design trends. 4. The decorative “fru-fru” used on the monument sign does not appear on the fascia sign.
The monument sign: The typestyle differs from the fascia sign. 1. Imperial has been condensed while Frame Gallery has not. 2. The font used on the address differs in style and mounting from the address on the building.
Here’s what could have been done: 1. The painted or digital print background simulates a blue-green patina, which is more appealing to current viewers than a stark background color. 2. The font is a “dress casual” style, which is much more “today” than “yesterday” in appeal. 3. Street numbers are flat cutouts and flush mounted. 4. The illumination of the sign is not included, but it should be located behind the hedges, lighting the storefront, or done with down-lighting to light the sign face.

Before and after: The details make the difference

By signcraft

Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2019

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It’s been said “the devil is in the details”—and this is painfully true in sign design. Those details can make the difference between a layout that just provides identification and one that really connects with the viewer, creating a positive impression that increases the awareness of the business.

Worse yet, not paying attention to the details can often result in a sign that creates no real impression or, tragically, a negative impression.

Let’s take a look at a business that obviously decided it was time for an extreme makeover of their storefront, which would cost thousands. I’m assuming that, tripping over dollars to pick up nickels, not much was left to invest in the design for the signage.

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