The electrical contractors you do signs and trucks for are a perfect example of existing customers who may need laser marking as well. In many medical buildings, the electrical contractors are required to put information on the outlet or switch that indicates where it is located and where it’s fed from on the electrical panel. That particular order was for several hundred plates.
Apparently runners keep the numbers that they wear during the races. The race promoters wanted something nice to give out to the runners to keep their numbers in. We did a bamboo front and back held together with large rings, like a notebook. This project came from an existing customer who uses us for other services. Interestingly, they just contacted us today, asking us to quote engraving on a million pieces!
We laser marked these small stainless steel fittings for an aerospace company. Projects like these can lead to other sign projects, just as a sign project can deliver a customer for laser work.

Finding a market for laser cutting and engraving

It may literally be right under your nose

By signcraft

Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2019

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Cutting letters and graphics for signs is a natural for the laser, but there is a lot more work out there for the laser. How does a sign shop tap into that?

While lasers can move you into new markets, Steve Shepherd, Custom Engraving & Signs, Richmond, Virginia, says the best place to start is with your existing customers. Finding work for your new laser is often just a matter of letting your sign customers know what you can do with a laser and learning a little more about their needs.

“If you’re in the sign business,” says Steve, “you already have the customers. Many sign customers also need interior signage, nametags, ID tags and maybe even specialized products that you can make for them. You don’t have to find a whole new market—sign companies have a built-in market to get them started.”

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