Ozzie, Paul and Joe in 2010, while Ozzie was still active in the business
Vinyl and acrylic dimensional letters and digital print on a 4-by-4-ft. panel of high density urethane [HDU] on aluminum, finished with Matthews acrylic polyurethane paint and hung with a custom powder-coated steel bracket
Laser-cut acrylic letters on 2-by-8ft. panel of ¼-in. clear acrylic with silver glass etch film, hung using MBS Signage Hardware
2-by-4-ft. custom interior LED sign with brushed aluminum veneer letters on custom fabricated aluminum composite [ACM] raceway
Avery wrap film printed on the Roland Sol-Jet XR-640 with Arlon laminate
Digital print on 3-by-3-ft. HDU panel mounted in a custom powder-coated steel bracket with LED lighting
Carved and hand-painted 3-by-4-ft. Extira composite panel, finished with Matthews acrylic polyurethane paint. It was given to Levon Helm for his 70th birthday.
1-in.-thick Sintra PVC letters, finished with Matthews acrylic polyurethane paint and pin-mounted on a 4-by-12-ft. painted brick building fascia
V-carved letters in 1-by-8-ft. panel of ¾-in. Extira composite material finished with Matthews acrylic polyurethane paint
Letters were cut from Extira material and mounted on a 4-by-6-ft. panel of 1-in. pine planks that was hand painted.
V-carved lettering on an Extira panel finished with Matthews acrylic polyurethane paint, and a digital print on aluminum composite material. Background is cedar planking on marine panels.
125-Year commemorative wall done in acrylic, wood and aluminum
Router-cut Sintra PVC lettering and logo on 2-by-10 cedar planks
Router-cut Sintra PVC lettering finished with Matthews acrylic polyurethane paint, with custom roof-mount linear LED lighting, 2-by-12-ft. overall
12-in.-round laser etched zinc panel
8-by-12-ft. custom monument sign done with all Extira panels, hood and post wraps, finished with Matthews acrylic polyurethane paint

Timely Signs

By SignCraft Magazine

Posted on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Owners: Paul and Joe Beichert

Shop size: 15,000 sq. ft.

Staff: 19

Age: Paul, 46 and Joe, 42

Graphics equipment:
Two Roland XR-640 printers
Multi-Cam 3500 Series CNC Router
Seal Base 64 Laminator
Roland Camm1 Pro 64” plotter
Epilog M2 Laser
Vision 1620 Rotary Engraver
Matthews Paint System

On Facebook as Timely Signs
Ozzie Beichert got into the sign business in 1972. His sons, Paul and Joe, grew up around the business but each went to college to pursue different interests. Paul got a graphic arts degree from Syracuse University, and Joe got a business degree from George Washington. In 2000, with college out of the way, they approached their dad with the idea of working with him and growing the business.

Today, Ozzie is retired and Paul and Joe are plenty busy with Timely Signs. They’ve gradually grown the business from the five-person shop that it was back then to a staff of 19 today. Annual sales are almost five times what they were back then. SignCraft spoke with Joe to learn more about their business and their strategy for growth:

Growing, changing For years our father had focused on signs for small businesses. He had larger clients as well, but it was part of the mix. When we got involved, we created a strategic plan to guide the growth of the business. We worked with the consultant who we still use today—he’s become a family friend. It let us chart our course.

One thing about family businesses is that it’s often hard to get everyone on the same page. Everyone has their own ideas and opinions. The consultant was able to help us decide where we wanted to go.

Three target markets As part of that plan, we chose three growing markets that we knew we could serve better and at the same time grow the business: healthcare, finance/banking and education. Our father already had good clients in each of these areas, but we wanted to greatly expand the work we did for these key markets.

By focusing more of our efforts there, we have been able to do that. We developed our expertise at creating sign packages and wayfinding signage. We work regularly with eight or nine hospitals, 12 local banks and several nearby colleges and universities.

We still do plenty of signs for small businesses, corrugated plastic signs, storefront signs, election signs and that sort of thing. We didn’t want to lose contact with that segment of our market, but those three markets have provided much of our growth. We’re very involved with the community, and we were committed to not outgrowing the market that helped create our business in the first place. So small businesses are still a big part of our work.

Technology has changed the business so much in the past 20 years, and it’s also enabled us to expand our territory. We serve all of Westchester County and all the way up to Glens Falls. We go over to Connecticut and the Pennsylvania border as well. We also do some interior work in Manhattan.

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