Pinstriper and lettering artist Kaja Wystanska from Paris, France, did the checkered flags on this project while visiting my shop.

Nostalgia race cars deserve classic hand lettered graphics

Graphics for nostalgia drag racers

By Todd Hanson

Posted on Monday, August 26th, 2019

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With the recent surge in popularity over the last few years of restoring old drag cars, hand-painted lettering has become much more valuable to the racing world than it has been for quite a while. While wraps and vinyl have taken over virtually all of racing, when restoring these vintage cars properly, the graphics must be hand lettered.

On these cars, nothing is worse than seeing vinyl take the place of what once was paint. The beauty of hand-painted lettering on these classic cars brings them to the highest level of their original appearance—something you couldn’t possibly match with vinyl.

Lettering nostalgia drag racers There was a wide array of approaches in lettering these drag cars. You had some sign painters who were just sign painters. Nothing wrong with that. But then you have sign painters who are “race car sign painters.” These are the guys who knew what it took to make a car stand out from the racetrack to the grandstands.

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