This shows the wide variety of sizes and pricing at A 12-by18-in. metal print is under $50.
Do an Internet search for “metal prints”. You might find a source nearby, but McKenna Pro ships any size order for just $2.
I don’t have a sign shop showroom anymore, but took this photo to show one of the LED lighting options using a couple of my wildlife photos. It’s easy to imagine metal prints of great-looking signs displayed in your showroom the same way.
Here are some of the options available for your metal prints. Floating the print off the background makes an interesting effect.
Barnwood backgrounds are available, or you could make your own background panels and use a floating mounting for the print.

Metal prints are a great way to show what you can do

These affordable, beautiful prints can add life to your showroom

By Mike Jackson

Posted on Thursday, October 24th, 2019

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Want to add some high-tech sparkle to your showroom? Show off your best work with state-of-the-art metal prints! Glossy metal prints are extremely popular right now. Go into any photo gallery or art show, and you will see that metal prints have systematically been replacing photos with double mats, frames and glass. They are easy to maintain, relatively inexpensive and are designed to grab people’s attention.

Metal prints use high-heat technology to fuse your image into aluminum. The metallic finish lets the aluminum show through in the lighter color areas of your image, creating a beautiful luminescent look.

Unlike professional photographers, who sell their finished images directly to their customers, sign shops can take advantage of the metal prints by showing off recent sign projects inside their showroom. They cost far less than the traditional photo with a mat and frame, and the look is very clean and unique.

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Mike and Darla Jackson operate Golden Studios in Loveland, Colorado, and do a variety of sign-related projects. Mike’s website is His email address is You can see more of Mike’s photos at and

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