Will McLear

By SignCraft Magazine

Posted on Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

Favorites My favorite work is the large freestanding signs. One of our recent projects was a sign with carved faces and gooseneck lighting mounted on 8-in. pilings. I like putting a project like that together, but I enjoy most all the work.

I also try to do more creative mountings for our signs. Most everything in the area seemed to be mounted on a couple of 4x4s, so I try to avoid that look. An interesting mounting can make the sign look bigger and more appealing, which is especially helpful when the sign size is restricted. People notice the difference when you give them something else to see.

I like to change the graphics on my vehicles regularly, too. It’s funny how people will notice that, too. It always brings in new work.

Marketing via social media Social media is our main advertising platform. I’ve also done some print advertising, but most of our focus is online. Most of our customers find us from our work or a web search. We use Google Adwords marketing, too.

That’s the goal for now—to expand our market and make our off-season a little busier. As you go west towards New York City, there are more small towns and a bigger market for us to grow into.

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