Worried that your striping isn’t good enough?

You’re not alone—even top stripers deal with that

By Todd Hanson

Posted on Thursday, October 24th, 2019

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Do you ever have fear of people seeing your work? Fear of being judged or accepted as a pinstriper or lettering artist? Do you fear not being successful in your endeavors as an artist? Do you fear that people won’t like your style or think you’re a “copy artist?” Do you ever hate your own work? Does it sometimes paralyze you to try to finish your work because of fear of failure?

I have a hunch that if you’re honest with yourself, you answered yes to most of these questions. I know, because I have the same fears as everyone else. Insecurities have been a lifelong struggle for me. Some may be surprised by that, but I’ve done a good job of hiding it.

Dealing with insecurities When we put our art out for the world to see, we know it will be judged. Will it be accepted? Will people make fun of it? Will people laugh? Will people want to pay for it? We get judged every day by the clothes we wear, by the way we talk, by what we drive, and just about everything else.

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