Howard Bertram

Carefree, Arizona

By signcraft

Posted on Friday, February 28th, 2020

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First featured:
September/October 1993

Shop name:
Bertram Signs & Graphics

Shop size: 1400 sq. ft.

Staff: Howard and Dave

Age: 69

Graphics equipment:
Epson SureColor S80600 printer
Camaster Stinger II CNC router
Graphtec CE5000-60 plotter
SignLab 10 software

On Facebook as Bertram Signs & Graphics
The biggest change since our work last being in SignCraft is that we’ve expanded the types of work that we do. While we used to do primarily painted and vinyl signs, we’ve progressed into bigger projects. We’re doing CNC-routed signs, backlit signs, halo-lit letters and large anodized aluminum letters. Of course, we still do business cards, logo design and all the other work we’ve always done. We’re more of a one-stop signs and graphics company now.

Some of that is due to my son, Dave, who has worked with me for quite a while. He’s a great mechanic and handles all types of fabrication. He also has expanded our market with these other types of work. My younger son, Matt, is in media, so he took off in a completely different direction. He’s on the radio instead of in the sign shop.

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