“We make most of our signs with Corafoam HDU board, primed with Jay Cooke’s Sign Primer and finished with exterior acrylic paint from the Netherlands,” says Manfred.
Marcus and Manfred

Timber Signs

Ofterschwang, Bavaria, Germany

By signcraft

Posted on Friday, February 28th, 2020

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Manfred Didier and Marcus Goebel

First featured:
September/October 2008

Shop name: Timber Signs

Shop size: 5000 sq. ft.

Age: Manfred is 50; Marcus is 51

Graphics equipment:
Gerber Sabre 408 CNC router
Gerber Edge
Gerber Omega software
Gerber GS15 plotter
Summa T610 plotter

On Instagram @timbersigns
For the most part, there’s not really much new here—we’re still doing the same custom three-dimensional signs we’ve done since we opened back in 1998. We’ve never been the classic local sign guys. Our work is very specialized. Our market has always been dimensional signs for breweries, hotels and restaurants.

For several years, we did a lot of trade shows to promote our work, because we realized that we couldn’t specialize in the type of work we did and just serve our local market. In Europe, most trade shows last six to nine days, then you have the time spent setting up the booth before the show and tearing it down after. So it takes you more like two weeks overall.

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