Double-sided ¾-in. overlaid plywood panel, hand painted with 1 Shot enamel
Hand-formed galvanized steel treated to accept paint and painted with 1 Shot enamel
Custom designed and fabricated steel cabinet, finished with Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane and 1 Shot paints. Coffee pot is fabricated in Paintlok steel. Coffee cup is formed out of Styrofoam and coated in fiberglass, then finished with automotive finishes. It is lighted with LEDs.
Hand-painted with 1 Shot enamel onto salvaged barn wood panel
Hand-lettered 6mm aluminum composite panel mounted on custom-fabricated metal framework on 6x6 treated timbers
Custom-fabricated steel structure hand painted in 1 Shot enamel paint, outlined in marquee bulbs and topped with custom-made LED channel letters. The fascia signage is hand lettered.
Sign structure is powder coated, custom fabricated from steel. Sign panels are HDU board with hand-cut letters and finished with 1 Shot enamel. The 12-ft.-wide LED video message board provides constant information for tourists.
Hand painted with 1 Shot enamel then distressed “Hanson Style” using handfuls of sand and dirt
“That’s a vintage suitcase,” says Matt, “slathered in 1 Shot goodness.”
Digital print on 6mm aluminum composite panel
Steel fabricated cabinet finished with 1 Shot enamel and lit with custom-made LED neon tubing
Lollipop is made from steel and HDU, hand painted and attached to a custom-designed monument by Peachtree City Foamcraft, with a hand-painted, overlaid plywood logo sign.
Sign panel and structure were designed and built from white cedar with custom-made steel straps. Logo and letters are hand cut from 3mm brushed aluminum Dibond aluminum composite material.
Pinstriped with 1 Shot enamel
Hand painted on the brick wall using exterior acrylic latex paint
Overlaid plywood panel, hand painted with 1 Shot enamel, with the help of Chris Dobell to properly produce the correct “Mock Block” effect.
Matt and Brandi Beckner

Matt Beckner

Alamosa, Colorado

By signcraft

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

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Shop name: Ion Graphics

Shop size: 2400 sq. ft.

Age: 42

Graphics equipment:
Roland VersaCAM 300SP
Graphtec 6000 Series cutter
Summa 60 cutter

Facebook: Ion Graphics
Instagram: @eye_on_graphics, @mattbeckner
Colorado’s San Luis Valley is the highest valley on earth. The valley covers 8,000 square miles and is sparsely populated, dotted by a few small towns. The population of the six counties that make up most of the valley have a total population of just under 50,000.

It is home to the headwaters of the Rio Grande River—and Matt Beckner’s Ion Graphics in the town of Alamosa. Like many small-town sign makers, Matt does a wide variety of work and serves a number of surrounding communities. SignCraft caught up with him on a busy afternoon after he returned from a pinstriping job.

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