Put Photoshop’s scrubby sliders to work

These timesavers let you make changes and watch the results

By Mike Jackson

Posted on Friday, October 30th, 2020

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There is seldom a day I use Photoshop that I don’t take advantage of the many “Scrubby sliders” scattered throughout the program. They allow a user to drag the Scrubby slider left or right or up and down to change the numerical value in one of the value boxes.

Scrubby sliders In many cases, adjusting one of the Scrubby sliders interactively changes the working image “on-the-fly.” For “visual designers,” this can be invaluable! For example, the opacity on one layer can be adjusted by entering a specific value, or the designer can click and drag over the Scrubby slider and watch the changes happen in real time. It works the same for tracking or leading on text, or simply visually changing the size of some text in a layout.

Some of the Scrubby sliders are more evident than others. For example, several of the controls in the Character panel actually show small arrows. In other panels, a hand with two-sided arrows will appear when the cursor is hovered over the adjustment’s title. Simply click and drag. Most adjustments are fairly subtle, but if the Shift key is pressed and held during the click/drag, the adjustments are increased by a factor of ten.

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Mike and Darla Jackson operate Golden Studios in Loveland, Colorado, and do a variety of sign-related projects. Mike’s website is www.goldenstudios.com. His email address is golden@goldenstudios.com. You can see more of Mike’s photos at www.tetonimages.com and www.goldenstudios.com.

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