Taking advantage of the power of 3D

CNC routers make it easy to sell upgraded versions of a design

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2020

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After the feature, CNC routers mean new opportunities, in the September/October 2020 issue, we had so many great examples of 3D signs done with a CNC router left over that we thought we’d share more of them in this issue. The impact and appeal of 3D signage can help give small businesses the edge they need, and it also lets sign makers offer upgrades easily.

Dimension adds a lot to a sign. It suggests permanence, stability and professionalism. It can be used to create a look that is playful, sophisticated, bold or dead serious. Even just a little dimension—a cutout graphic, a border or a panel—can ramp up the visual appeal of a sign. The CNC router makes adding dimension easier, and it makes it affordable for customers to wring extra value from their signs.

For sign makers, adding dimension is also a natural upsell from flat signage. Virtually any design can be rendered flat, full 3D or with one or two 3D elements. That lets you offer three versions of the same design—an approach Mike Jackson outlined years ago in his article, A three-tiered approach to pricing signs. It encourages customers to stretch their sign budget to take advantage of the visual power of 3D graphics.

Mike and Jason Szczoczarz, Countryside Signs, Seekonk, New York: SignFoam HDU board routed on a Multicam router

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